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You can fill out a support form here!

In an effort for me to invest more of my time, talents, and energy to increasingly effective response to human trafficking, I have been accepted as a missionary by JARON Ministries as of June 2014!

I am serving JARON as a Human Trafficking Response Advocate, serving locally and globally to provide assistance and resources to those seeking to address human trafficking in their community. I am working primarily with the Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention  Council (CAPC) to aid the work of the Tulare County  Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce in our mission to address human trafficking in the the county. As a service of CAPC, I have launched the Central Valley Human Trafficking Response Newsletter to keep our local abolitionists informed about what’s happening locally and what resources are available to more effectively fight human trafficking. (To join the newsletter click here) I have also launched a new website, Central Valley Human Trafficking Response Calendar to better accomplish the goal of educating and equipping those in our community regarding human trafficking response.

Recently, I have been meeting with local faith leaders and am moving forward in my goal to help the church in Tulare County to connect with the collaborative effort building here.

I also run the social media resource Global Love Shopping, which is an effort to make it easier to buy products made through fair labor practices, including some amazing organizations providing jobs to survivors of exploitation.

JARON is also asking me to join in other efforts, including international work to help build partnerships between human trafficking response workers and the church.

Sooooo. I would like to ask for your support. Financially, being able to do this work and not have to substitute teach or do other work would be wonderful. Not that subbing hasn’t been a good opportunity (I’ve even been asked to do HT awareness for classes), but I feel like I could do so much with my time freed.

I would love for people to host a support raising meeting for me and connect me with people who might want to support me.

I could use other forms of support, including letting me know of those who provide services that could potentially be of use to survivors and those at risk of human trafficking.  I would love to know who would like to partner with us, have us provide prevention and human trafficking awareness training etc.

And I’m all ears for ideas I haven’t listed here.

Soooooo, if you are interested, you can check out my support letter and fill out a support response form here!!!

You can also request to be added to my e-newsletter through this.

Please, feel free to share this with others!

So excited about doing this and in partnership with all of you who are and may support me with friendship, prayer, resources, and whatever else. =)









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