Human Trafficking Resources

I have linked much of the resources I have discovered on the Central Valley Justice Coalition Website.
This website also have useful information on local efforts in the Central Valley of California and ways to get involved.

Human Trafficking Indicators Learn the signs of a potential human trafficking victim that might right in front of you.

35+ Ways To Respond to Human Trafficking There are so many ways to respond to human trafficking! Here are some signifcant ways.

If you are interested in finding ethical companies and products, who empower survivors of human trafficking, and/or otherwise use fair labor business practices, check out my site Global Love Shopping.

My YouTube Abolitionist Playlist contains music videos, PSAs, and other videos concerning human trafficking.

Some of my favorite sites are
International Justice Mission An incredible organization fighting human trafficking worldwide, they also provide incredible resources to equip the church to respond locally.
Polaris Project, the leading human trafficking organization in the nation, the wbesite provides educational resources to understand the various human trafficking in the United States and other resources. They run the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-3737-888, which can be accessed to get HT information, help in the case of human trafficking, and assistance.
Not For Sale Another incredible organization that provides great resources and has been instrumental in the US and around the world in bringing people together to innovatively fight human trafficking.


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