About This Blog + Me

There is a potent directive that God gives in Micah 6:8: “He has told you, oh man, what is good and what the LORD requires from you, but to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with you God.”
I realize that the reality of all that is bigger that I can grasp and the unpacking and living the reality is absolutely glorious and beautiful.
Our view of justice is so narrow. It is the heart of God’s actions, the foundation of His throne, His very nature, and at the core of the gospel. It is the reality sought by those of us fighting human trafficking. Yet, in just the last two years, I realized that I had no understanding of the nature of God’s justice.
I am now on a journey to explore His justice and it’s reality in the entirety of my life, with the fullness of grace, compassion, power, and beauty.
The title of the blog reflects this. I began my exploration when I read the book of Amos’ in one sitting. One verse in particular stuck with me, “Let justice flow like a river.”
Not everything I write will be explicitly about this, but as all of life should be integrated, it all belongs here.
Most importantly, my exploration is in the context of my identity as a adopted daughter of God, called to live in His love.

About Me
We are encouraged to find what we love to do and to do it.
I love to question, explore, discover, create, and share. I suppose that is the heart of my drive to be an artist.
It’s also what drives me to write blogs. My blogs stem from my questions that drive me to explore, which sometimes leads to discovery, and all of this, even, or rather, especially if it’s just the question, I want to share.

I am an abolitionist. I do human trafficking response work in the Central Valley.  Specifically, I am the Resource Coordinator for the Central Valley Justice Coalition, whose mission is to partner with the community and church to prevent human trafficking. I am the creator and director of Global Love Shopping an online resource to shop for ethically made products.  I have just joined JARON Ministries as a Social Justice missionary in order to do the aforementioned efforts and other human trafficking response work.

I am also an artist, blessed to be engaging the community in and around Fresno with other creatives who are doing amazing things. I am also a massage therapist, trained chaplain, balloon sculptor, substitute teacher, and a number of other things that makes for a strange resume.
I love rats and am the caretaker of Wilberforce, who is, indeed, named after the British abolitionist.

Contact me via e-mail at brandiangela78@gmail.com.


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