Keep People Human

I have a personal philosophy I believe God is cultivating in me. That is to learn how to, and as much as possible, keep people human.
This begins with being increasingly aware of what makes us human, as a whole and individually. It continues with being aware of expectations, perceptions, and assumptions we put on each other and ourselves that go beyond or beneath what is human and rejecting those things to learn and accept what is true; including the limitations, abilities, complexity, individuality, and mystery. It includes not downplaying this humble identity among the living things in the universe. God, after all, called humanity “very good.”
Keeping people human, in practice, means rejecting anything dehumanizing. Seems obvious, but I realize how easily we dehumanize people in the day to day of social interaction; how we consider them as something other than they truly are.
This includes thinking of a person/ people as
A threat
A hero
An angel
A villian
A project
A muse
A pawn
The source or barrier of happiness
One of “Them”

Often, it is very subtle. We can dehumanize even those in our life that we value. We expect a person to act or be a certain way and reward or punish them for not being who we conjured in our minds. We deny the potential of a person based our our assumptions. We make no allowances for people to make mistakes or fail. We don’t receive what people do carry.

I’ve come to realize that all injustice based on this failure to accept and honor our humanness.

So I begin this journey to become more aware of each person’s humanness and how my actions either honor or dehumanize.

I welcome any help I can get!


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