Rollerblading Diaries: Learning Something New


The night I really got into the act

This past year, I decided to learn to rollerblade. Not just “roll down the sidewalk” skating, but “carving banks and grinding curbs” skating. My reticence that maybe I’m a little old, at 33, to start such as sport was rebutted by a video of a seventy something year old man, who learned in his 50s, who was shredding in a park in Delano.
The endeavor rekindled that thrill of learning that is the reward in every accomplishment; I could now do something that I couldn’t do before. And since there were so many things I couldn’t do, there seems to be no end of discovery and accomplishment, if only I overcome my timidity- or outright paralyzing fear- of falling.
Somewhere along the line, I and my teacher, long time skater Ted Harder, decided that this was just interesting or amusing enough to blog. Such is the intro to my own “Rollerblading diaries.” Limited internet has kept me from be super active on this bog, but I’ve been writing and plan to share my misadventures in rollerblading. Stay tuned!
But if I can encourage anyone, namely myself, in the activity of trying new things, I hope today’s blog, and those that follow will accomplish this. If a man in his 70s can skate half pipes, you might be able to do that thing you really want, but are reluctant to do.
So I leave you with the brilliant prompt I posed on New Year’s day:
What is one new thing you want to do/ experience this year?


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