Grace In A Painting

By Daniel Callis

By Daniel Callis

I used to get so frustrated when I would be deeply impacted by an experience or word of truth… and then realize that, oh wait, I already heard this! I should know this already.

But I recently realized that maybe this transformational encounter with truth is like the colors of paint. I know red. I use red all the time. But when it’s applied to the surface with the other colors in a way that I had never seen, well, I experience something new. I have a deeper experience and understanding of red. The red is an integral part of the whole piece, which seeks to draw me into a deeper understanding of everything it is and everything it reflects. It seeks to change what it encounter, namely me. Perhaps this is like the moment a word changes something in us. Maybe the entirety of our experience at that moment and up to that moment integrates that word in our open hearts and mind so that we have a deeper understanding of that word.

It is a humbling experience. It is an opportunity to receive grace in humility. I didn’t get it before, but He didn’t throw up His hands and refuse to repeat Himself. Perhaps it was meant to be recieved in this time…or simply waiting for me to be ready to receive it.

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