Reflecting on my Political Views, Part 1: Foundation


I decided that I needed to articulate my political views, both to check to see what i really understand and so I can engage others, because it is a bit different than that of others in my community. Immediately, I realized that what comes first is not thoughts on issues, but my understanding on the nature of the nation and kingdom where I hold citizenship.
My political views require me to have an awareness of the dual citizenship I hold, the distinctions between the two, and the limitation that one puts on another. I am a citizen of the United States of America. I am also, and primarily, a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
The nature of these are different and necessarily, there is a tension in being part of both, and points in which the two are in conflict.
As a citizen of the Kingdom of God, first and foremost, I recognize that this is the tension I live in: I am living in a land with earthly authority under earthly laws in an earthly nation that is not synonymous with the Kingdom of God and cannot function as that Kingdom, for their purposes are different.
First of all, the Kingdom of God is ruled with grace and love. It was established for the glory of God and for all He created to exist in its full identity in harmony with all other creation and and in perfect relationship with its Creator. It came to earth with the incarnation of Christ. Its citizens were empowered with the ministry of reconciliation that Christ came to bring. In love, there can be no manipulation or coercion. Thus, those who govern cannot use threat, coercion, force, or the like to get its citizens or citizens of another nation to act a certain way.
I believe that natural government’s role is to protect the rights of its people, maintain order, and to lead the people in stewardship of the land, resources, and other possession, as well as steward our responsibilities.I do recognize that this includes protection and that, from a naturalistic perspective, this includes violence at times.
Secondly, however, there are limitations to what earthly government can accomplish, that all their efforts will be imperfect, and this points to the reality that only the Kingdom of God can accomplish this.
The Kingdom of God has a power that goes far beyond the greatest abilities and cunning of man. It is accessed by its citizens and leaders within not by force or human ability, but by humility, confidence, and great trust and faith beyond what is apparent. It requires the willingness to not be in control of the situation or others, but to be steadfastly in control of self and unwavering in hope and love. The Ruler can and desires to accomplish ever need and address every threat by that power. He has empowered His citizens to do far more than can be done naturally. The means of which this is accomplished is essentially quite different than natural means.
I give allegiance first to this kingdom and ruler. That determines how I engage my other place of citizenship.
Next post: This Nation Cannot be a Christian Nation.


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