Much has happened in five years

cvjcSo I’m in the process of cleaning up this blog and being more purposeful about using it…which means thinking about how I am to use it.
I’m working on updating my links and decided that I can and ought to delete my list of Fair trade and empowerment businesses. In late 2007, I posted these links after feeling prompted to seek out products that do not breed oppression, inspired by a reading of Amos, a passage in Celebration of Discipline, but mostly, I believe the gentle and persistent guiding of the Holy Spirit. At that time, it was difficult to find a lot of resources. I am so glad for all the growth in this way of business around the world. I’m glad for how much more well known a lot of these businesses have become.
I have learned over the past five years how we must not respond to injustice and poverty with pity, simply giving handouts that make us feel better without even listening to the recipients, and deciding on our own how to solve their problems. We must recognize our mutual need and our giftedness and come together to overcome poverty and thrive. I have seen a lot of businesses facilitate this kind of partnership.
In 2010, I started a online catalogue of these businesses, Global Love Shopping, and I’m grateful for how it’s been helpful to others. Since I have all the original businesses and more on GLS, I don’t need the links on my blog anymore.
Here’s to moving forward.


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