Silent to be a voice to the voiceless

Going silent for 25 hours. Why? To join with those seeking an end of the 25 years conflict of the LRA rebel group in Central and Eastern Africa in bringing awareness and in prayer. To partner with those who expect to see God’s goodness overcome every evil connected with this. In the last 4 years, I’ve heard many awesome testimonies of victory in the midst of this conflict. I expect more. (see

A little more about this….
25 years ago, a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Party formed against the Uganda government inresponse to the poor and negligentb treatment of the people of Northern Uganda. However, without sufficient support by their people, they turned to abducting children among their own people during brutal attacks on their villages, and forced the children to do brutal acts of violence as well, often on their own loved ones, as soldiers. Girls were forced to be wives to higher ranking soldiers.
The LRA left a now recovering No. Uganda several years ago, but has continued to attack in So. Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic.

Invisible Children is a non-profit started after the founders discovered this conflict themselves in 2003 and have seeking to bring awareness and solutions to the problems, first with a documentary and then through various campaigns. Today’s compaign, 25, was launched to bring awareness and support of the most recent efforts to end the conflict and help the people being affected by the war, called the Protection Plan. ( Among these efforts is a communication system to help villages wanr one another of LRA activity. Others projects include support of search and rescue teams, promotion of the arrest of the LRA leader, educating th ecommunties and promoting safe surrender of child soldiers, and rehabilitation and resettlement of the child soldiers with their families.

I first became aware of the situation in 2006 at a screening of the documentary. I’ve been praying regularly with group of friends since then and in 2009 had the opportunity to visit the people in Northern Uganda. I saw the impact of the LRA and the government’s actions on the community. However, the most overwhelming aspect of the the trip was seeing how the people were helping each other rebuild their lives, especially the Ugandan believers, and seeing how God was redeeming and healing and overcoming eveil with His incredible goodness and love.

In the last years, I have seen and heard the answer to prayers and voices in mind-blowing ways. Soldier who have escaped with children, who have encountered Jesus and have transformed lives and are powerful forces in their communities. We have seen LRA leave Nol Uganda. I know there is more incredible things “exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine, to come, including the end of the LRA conflict.

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