They Will Be Comforted

These are my journaled thoughts in reflection to the passage. I’m open to response.

Reflection 2: Matthew 5:4
Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted.

I think I’ve always appreciated this passage.
Here’s a strange admission (especially as someone who has served as a chaplain): when people have prayed for God to comfort someone in a hard time, I’ve often thought that it is good, but I thought we should ask for something more. Bring joy! Bring breakthrough! Bring healing! Why stop at comfort? I think that’s how I thought, anyhow. For me it was a good first step, but not enough.
Question to self: what does God’s comfort look like?
God’s comfort is not weak, merely placating without expectation.Not simply meant to make us “feel a little better.”  His comfort is powerful. He can comfort with words of love and promise that blow our minds and bring complete healing.
Mourning becomes an opportunity to experience the Father love His child, as a loving, trusting father who comes to his hurting, grieving child, taking his child into his arms and reassuring the child of his love, his presence, and his goodness. In His comfort, He speaks truth of present reality and things to come.

I’ve heard this is part of the salvation process. Mourning is the response to their spiritual poverty as well as their remorse. In that, there is the promise of the Father coming to that person.
As with the other passages, I see it at being more broad. I think in the process of life as adopted children, in going from glory to glory, we experience loss. Things that cannot or will not remain. The disciples experienced the loss of the relationship they had with Jesus before His ascension: He promised to be with them, but ceased to be present before them in the body.
In our loss, we have God to comfort us and in the midst of this, we have His promises and the reality that, in whatever loss, we have the kingdom of heaven.
It stuck out to me the promise that those who mourn WILL be comforted. Seems absolute.
I wondered if I could reject His comfort, but this says to me that I can’t =) If I were to refuse to be comforted, which I think would be bad idea, I would experience in the coming of Christ and our marriage with Him as His Bride.


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