Part Of the Glory

I wrote this while writing the previous post, but I realized it was a somewhat separate post. Just a reflection.
The day before this, my friend Matt shared this statement about friendships among believers: “Our friendships with one another are designed to display God’s glory.”
When friendship with other believers hit a rough patch, I’ve struggled with how to handle it, and whether or not to give up. I’ve had at least one friend completely disappear on me because of a bad conversation, so I know that could just happen.
What came to mind as I was chewing on my friend’s statement is the working out of our friendships is significant beyond us and our good. Our effort of seeking reconciliation, seeking understanding, consideration of the other, confrontation, communication, and risking in love for the other reflect His heart and display His glory. The Gospel is about redemption and reconciliation.
That it is messy doesn’t necessarily diminish that reality that it is opportunity for glory. Not that we are careless with one another (should we sin that grace may increase? By no means!), but in our loving through the difficulty, we display the victory of His love.


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