Change In Name

Recently, a friend of mine name Melissa gave an awesome sermon. Sharing from her life, she taught that we all have definition of who we are that we believe and live by. Our definitions may be based on what other people say about us, how we perceive ourselves, etc. She noted that there are definitions we have that are either incorrect or partially correct. It is important that we seek God’s definition of us (He created us and has the clearest perception of us) and learned the truth about the definitions we have for ourselves.
There are at least two definitions that I realized were not from God that have defined me. One is that I am busy. In practice this is true, but I know that is how people see me. I hate it. I know that busy, in this way, is not good. One goal of mine is to become not busy.
The other is that I am nice. I remember this being a descriptor of me since I started school. When kids wrote in my yearbook or what not, they always said, “you are a nice girl,” which I have since figured is the only thing that can come to the mind of a school mate who doesn’t really know much about a kid, other than she outward behaves, doesn’t say or do mean things (because she is too shy), and may do or say something friendly, on occasion.
A couple years ago, I began to realize that being nice wasn’t necessarily being loving. Recently, I’ve been learning some difficult lessons on love, that I expect will free me to be a more genuinely, Christ-centered compassionate person. As I’ve been processing, I realized that many of my pitfalls in relationship was my mistaking being loving with being nice. And I’ve been recognizing the qualities of being nice that are incompatible with a compassionate, godly life.
I realize that I’m being general. I plan to share my thoughts, and hopefully free myself and others from the trap of being nice, so as to live truly compassionately.


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