Recommended Post on Prayer

I am really trying to finish my thoughts and post some of my personal reflection blogs. Really.
In the mean time, I was going through a binder of prayer resources I printed of the internet and came across this blog post. IN recent months I’ve come across it and realized that it is one of the most influential writings on how I pray for others and how I lead people in praying for others, as a prayer ministry leader. It really challenged me to make space in my prayer meetings for listening to God and preparing oneself to encounter Him. It also challenged me to really consider what is the Father’s will concerning the person I pray for and their apparent need. So I have since made a practice of pausing to make space to hear the voice of God when praying for others. Not to say I always do so, but certainly I have come to realize that there may be more that God has for the person that what I think it ought to be. Likewise, the post was written during a time when I felt the Father guiding me to make the relationship with Him, and the other Persons in the Trinity, the priority, and really the purpose, of my times of prayer. The prayer meetings I lead often start with prompting to focus on being with the Father. So I pass it on to whoever is reading this. Enjoy.


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