In Gulu (Heaven)

The village that shared about their farm co-op

The village that shared about their farm co-op and me

I knew this would be hard. I’m trying to describe my time in Uganda and words fail to adequately express what I’d like to simply just experience. I’m in Gulu and I guess one of the few things I can say is that it is a huge honor to be amongst all of the Acoli I have had the privilege to visit.
Yesterday, Matt and I went with a small group to a vilage that once was a IDP (internally Displaced persons) camp to 20,000. while many have returned to survive on land outside the camp, there are still some living there and they work as a community to care for one another. We got to meet some of them and hear their story and how they are working together on farm land. There is a women’s c-oop that not only meets their own needs, but other in the community. For instance, they identify kids in their village who do not have the money for school fees and use some of their profits to provide for that kid.
We got to meet the elderly man who gave the land for he camp.
I am humbled that my presence, and our willingness to hear and tell their story, should be a blessing to them.
They gave me the Acoli name Lamaro.
Sunday night, we visited Zion Project’s house for the Congolese girls. They had been trafficked in and abandoned to survive through prostitution before they were loved on by Sarita (ZP founder) and Miriam (house mom). I didn’t think about that when I was there. They are simply wonderful. They welcomed us in by worshiping with us with lively music and dance and joy.
The Acoli house…
I expect that when we get back, Julius and Opio and other kids will be greeting us at the gate and hanging on to us. I love the kids and the girls (their mothers). They have been so sweet and eager to love and wonderful. I am trying to find ways to interact and share love. I’ve been trying to learn acoli and have opportunities to make them laugh, like asking to help sweep and cook, being silly, taking pictures together.
I am trying to learn to receive more.
There has been some challenges…and many learning opportunities. I have more, but I’ll stop here for now.
Apwoyo Yesu. Thank you, Jesus.


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