Please Pray For/ With Us (support pt. 2)

(See Prayer Support below for other prayer requests and more about the trip)

Well, it’s getting close. wow. Our Father is good.

I love the way He has created the body of Christ to be and function- we are to be so connected… we are not to function independently of one another, any more than a finger can function without the rest of the body.
Prayer is an incredible way that we not only partner with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus in His work of intercession, but with one another. All who are praying over us and the people of Uganda are part of this. I’m excited to think of all the other connections within the Body that we shall encounter in Gulu these three weeks. Matt has been meeting people who minister in Gulu or are somehow connected to Gulu in so many places…and we haven’t even reached Uganda yet.

Our desire is to be completely open and led by God in what we do there (Basically: we go to Uganda. We love and be loved)
Pray for Matt and I as people are giving us words through prayer about a direction in ministry there that Matt wasn’t expecting.
I will continue to ask that people pray that Matt can make connections with pastors in Gulu.
I talked to the director of Zion Project, Sarita Hartz for two hours yesterday to talk about what I, and Matt, could possibly do with the girls. We’re among the first volunteers with ZP.
I will be living with the girls and their children and the house mother- a very rare and precious opportunity.
The things she desires for these are things that are very much on my heart as well as well as many of my friends in ministry. She wants to see revival of intimacy with God and passion.
She wants the girls to overcome the spirit of religion that seems to be prevalent in most of the church there to seek and enjoy a intimate relationship with Jesus, with the Father, and with the Holy Spirit. She desires them to listen to and hear God and live, pray, and worship lead by His Spirit.
I have the invitation to kind of do some discipleship with the girls: have bible studies, pray with them, encourage them to hear God’s voice through activities, walk in who they are in ministry to others, such as going out and praying for people in hospitals, and simply enjoy His presence. My desire is that through our time together, we all will develop a lifestyle of being present with and enjoying the persons of God in deepening intimacy.
Sarita’s vision is that those who volunteer at the house come and impart to the girls out of the gifts and passion they carry. She also would like people to pour into the house mothers who do so much. I’m bringing myself. I’m bringing art supplies. We’ll see where this goes =)
Matt and I desire to empower the girls by giving them opportunities to teach us, so pray that we will be conscious of ways to encourage that and other ways we can empower them.
Sarita mentioned that ZP hasn’t had much time to focus on educating the little ones and encouraged us to do educational activities with them. Pray for that. Matt got some children’s books.
The Congolese girls are learning English. I wanted to learn some Swahili and Acoli. There may be an awesome opportunity to learn from and encourage each other that way.

Now before we leave- pray for peace to guard our hearts and minds. No anxiety! About anything!! I personally have a lot of work to and will be working until the night before I leave. I need clarity, self-control, energy, basically good time management to get things done. Matt is leaving in two days. We need peace going into this great big thing (and peace throughout).

-I ask for wisdom and discernment in our interactions with all of the people. I have been counseled to be careful to make sure I understand what people are possibly asking or saying, so as to avoid misunderstanding that could lead to unintended commitments. We need to handle wisely requests for help.

Things to pray into concerning the area and for us-
I was made aware of two evil spirits over the area. The spirit of Jezebel- greed, corruption of power, a spirit of religion that wants to kill the propetic and prayer.
The orphan spirit- includes a spirit of rebellion but also a demand for attention.

-I really want to be sensitive to how God leads me in supporting Matt (we’re a team, after all)- whether it’s praying, speaking up about something I think God’s giving me, listening, giving him space, etc. Sometimes the more difficult thing for me is to step back and let it be just God and he that deals with a difficult situation.
I ask for prayer for him in leading and supporting me.

-Can I repeat the health thing from the last blog again? My digestive tract has been so sensitive lately. I don’t want either of us to have to use the immodium pills I bought nor our traveler’s insurance.

-I ask for wisdom, that we know how we are to use the resources we’ve been given.

-With that, more financial blessings for Matt. The support has been so incredible for both of us….but I know that he still hasn’t reached his fundraising goal.

-‘Little’ stuff: That my luggage gets there with me. That commuting and traveling goes as smoothly as possible (literally).


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