Prayer support

(see for overall info on the trip and explanations of stuff)

In 18 days, I’ll be joining my friend Matt in Uganda. we’re both going to be in Gulu for about three weeks, where we will be partnering with the ministry Zion Project and basically going where God leads us.
He will be heading there on July 6. I will leave on July 8, right after I’m done with the July 9 edition of the Sentinel. I will get to Entebbe, Uganda on July 10 (yep, 23 hour trip, plus time zone difference). We will stay over night in Kampala and then enjoy a rough 7 hour ride by public bus to Gulu =)
Our plan is to start off slow and simple with ministry tasks, as we adjust to the culture and time and whatever else we experience. We’ll be painting the house for the Congolese girls…and then just respond as God leads us. We really hope to go to an Internally Displaced persons camps, where the majority of the Northern Ugandan people have been forced to live. We also want to connect with the church there and ministries in Gulu. Matt will have the opportunity to join with the community’s pastors in daily prayer meetings.

See Matt’s support letter for more on his thoughts

The latest I heard, I am invited to live in the house with the girls (the former girl soldiers) and their babies.

I’ll write more, but I wanted to share some items for prayer. Use the info we’ve been sharing to ask God what to pray and listen and feel free to contact me, if He gives you anything to share with us =)
-Preparation for the trip.
Things need to happen…whether it is packing, making sure I have all necessary documents, listening to God concerning any element of this trip, making sure people know I’m going who ought to know, etc.
Matt had an opportunity to talk to Sarita (the founder and missionary with Zion Project) about the trip and I will, too, to gain an understanding of what we need to know and communicate about the opportunities we have. I would like wisdom for us and discernment in preparation and use of time.
I need to get a lot of things done before the trip, such as preparing articles to run in the newspaper while I’m gone, making sure bills are paid, taking care of responsibilities with the CitB prayer ministry. I also want to make time for people as I should.
I also don’t want to cram in tasks at the last minute or be stressed!
We still need to raise a bit more support for the trip. I fully trust His provision, though.

-In Uganda
Pray that we will grow in intimacy with the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Prayer for responsiveness to Him and His leading and His love, above all
Prayer for us and for Matt’s and my relationship, preparing and working together in Uganda. We are, in a very real sense, as siblings. He’s my big brother and I am so glad to be part of this with him. Matt will be leading and will be looking out for me as my pastoral support. I want to support him as well, as an intercessor for him, as a listening ear, as his sister, and friend.
This trip is going is potentially going to be very rough emotionally. I am for the first time going to to Uganda and I know it will likely be hard for me to see what I’m going to see and experience what I may experience. I am going to have to learn to respond to heartbreaking situations with love and wisdom, which may not always be the way I want to respond.
This will be new for us, doing a ‘mission trip’ together, and that without other friends with us. I am more likely to be the annoying sibling =) I’m glad for the friendship we have, and the way we respond to one another out of our relationship with God. I want whatever challenges we face working with each other to bring growth.
Pray for doors to open for relationships with the church there.
Pray for our relationship with the girls and their children. We will likely not be communicating to each other much through language (though I’m learning some Acoli for fun and honor toward the Acoli), but that doesn’t matter…love is expressed non-verbally in many ways.
Pray that we would be aware of, and step into, every open door for the gospel in word and action.
Pray for protection from illness and spiritual attacks.
Pray for opportunities to join with the church in bringing spiritual breakthrough, healing (of the land, of the community, of lives) and the Kingdom of heaven into places where it is not. Did I mention that Gulu means heaven in Acoli? =)
Pray for quick recovery from jet lag =)


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