Going to Uganda!

I am going to Uganda!
Wow. it’s still sinking in, I think. It may feel more real once the plane tickets are purchased.
I’m planning to go to the Gulu district of Uganda, in East Africa, July 8 through July 29.
I had deeply desired to go to Africa since I was young. Over the past couple of years, God has drawn my attention to Northern Uganda, who are dealing with the fall out of 23 years of attacks and child abductions by the rebel Lord’s resistance army. In the last year and a half, I had been meeting weekly with my friends Stephanie and Matt to seek God’s heart for the people of Northern Uganda as well as other people within the nations within Africa, especially East Africa, and He has shown me so much of His heart for the people with whom I hope to spend time this summer.

I will be part of a team of three, Matt and a student named Tom Martin, that will be partnering with the organization Zion Project. We will be working among former female child soldiers and their children, a group of Congolese girl refugees and their children, and the community of Gulu.
We are currently discussing the specifics of our ministry in Gulu with the founder of ZP, but I think that most of it will be known as we walk with Him in Gulu. We will start the first week by painting the Congolese girl’s home and will be attentive to what He is doing and how we can partner.
I am looking forward to spending time with the girls and their children and sharing in Jesus’ love. I am hoping for opportunities to meet with other Ugandan brothers and sisters, share encouragement, join in minstry with them, and join in prayer for Gulu. I look forward to spending this time with Jesus.
This is also an exploratory trip for me gain a clearer understanding of God’s heart and His will for me and for Uganda. (As it is for Matt, as well).

I greatly desire the support of those who read this through prayer and encouragement.
We are still raising funds and if anyone would like to support me or the guys, feel free to contact me at dinubareporter@yahoo.com.

For more info on Zion Project, go to zionproject.org
Invisible Children also has a lot of info on what has happened in Northern Uganda regarding the LRA, the abducted children and the displaced Acoli people of North Uganda.


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