Vision to Transform Lives Through God’s Word

As I was looking up information about the crisis in Myanmar, I came across an encouraging article bySamaritan’s Purse on their recent work to bring hundreds of thousands of bible’s to South Sudan, which is continuing to heal and rebuild after a two-decade civil war ended around 2004.

Hows this for a leadership conference:

“About 20 men and women gathered under a shade tree, anxious to learn how to lead a Bible study group. Many had walked for hours from distant villages to attend.

The leadership trainer, Meg Carter, started with a reference to a key Bible verse. ‘Hebrews 4:12 says that the Word of God is alive,’ she said. ‘Do you believe that? Our vision is to transform lives through the reading and study of God’s Word.’ ”

Thank you God for this incredible gift to the people of South Sudan!

And may we be all the more grateful here for the Bibles in our possession. I weeped the other day rereading stories from the “Jesus Freaks,”a collection of true accounts of believers who stood firm in their faith in Jesus and suffered great persecution (most were of those who died). So many stories were of those killed because they had a Bible, read their Bible, worked to translate the Bible in their own language, or otherwise bring the Bible to those who lacked access to it. In one account, the police broke into a bible study in Viet Nam  and commanded the believers to spit on the Bible in order to leave or else be shot. Several adults reluctantly did so. Then one little girl picked it off the ground, wiped off the spit, and expressed, in her own little way, her love for Jesus’ words. She died next to that Bible. 




Here is the link to the Samaritan’s Purse story.


3 responses to “Vision to Transform Lives Through God’s Word

  1. Thank you Matt! I’m writing an article for the newspaper about the Myanmar crisis. This will be helpful.

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