Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad

My friend Jenny wrote a thought provoking blog regarding immigration in light of impending marches to take place on May 1. (note: I’m trying to see if she will make it public. hold tight and check back)

She brought up a significant point: that Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, above our citizenship of any earthly nation. I bring this up because arguments regarding immigration mostly revolve around people’s perceptions about what is best for America. As believers, this should not be the first and primary concern. The focus should be on the business of the Kingdom. Then all the other concerns can be adequately addressed.
The greatest command of the Kingdom is “love the Lord with all you heart and mind and soul and strength,” and after that “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
The question of “what is best for the immigrant people” should also be answered after first seeking God’s heart.
A friend recently commented that this doesn’t necessarily mean that a person or family should be here in America, even if they think they should. God’s will, and thus their greatest good, may be that they remain or return to their birthplace or another place.
Either way, it is our call and privilege to love. To recognize the humanity of the people beyond the label “immigrant” and the terrible names given to them.


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