Ten Recommended Books for Christians

Note: Since the Bible would be the most influential book in my life, it is not on this list
There have been many powerful non-fiction books I have engaged in my life, but these have been part of shaping me in my own journey and I think are important books in gaining an understanding of living in the power of God’s grace, as ministers of reconciliation and the gospel, as peacemakers and seekers of justice, beyond the norms of even our current Christian culture. When I think about how I understand the world, I often reference points from the following books. Interestingly, though, most of the major paradigm shifts in my worldview that are associated with these books did not come from the books themselves, but from people in my life who have challenged me. I welcome book recommendations, as well, and may add some promising books I have on my shelf.
1. What’s So Amazing About Grace, by Philip Yancey. T

2. Walking On Water: Reflections on Art and Faith by Madeleine L’Engle.

3. Choosing Against War: A Christian Perspective, “A Love Stronger Than Our Fears,” by John D. Roth.

4. Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster.

5. Ministering Cross Culturally,

6. When Helping Hurts, by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
An Associated book to read this with: Understanding Poverty.

7. Boundaries, by Hency Could and John Townsend

8. Reaching Out, by Henri Nouwen

9. Sex God, by Rob Bell.

10. Deciding which one to put here. It might be So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore, but I just finished it.

Other Recommended Books By Topic
Human Trafficking
In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective of Human Trafficking In The United States by Nita Belles
Just Church, Terrify No More, The Good News About Injustice, Just Courage, all by Gary Haugen

Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne
The Work of Our Hands, edited by Randy White

The Children Are Free by Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley

Life In Christ
Any writings by Henri Nouwen
So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore? An Unexpected Journey by Wayne Jacobson



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